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What is a Food Delivery Script? Why is it Essential for Your Restaurant Business?

Food delivery script is an online solution that includes attractive options to streamline the workflows of the restaurant operations towards high-profit margins. The increase in usage of the food delivery application from the customer side insisted the restaurant owners move on to the food delivery app clone which is built with unified designs and features. Online food ordering script is an essential one for your restaurant business due to the following factors:

  • Completely brandable and customizable.

    Digitized Workflow, Brand-Assurance

  • Capable of handling massive activity simultaneously

    Multi-Restaurant Management

  • Available for both Android and iOS.

    Huge-Size Order Handling

  • Can be used out of the box with little effort.

    Customer Engagement

  • Completely prebuilt and scalable UberEats clone app.

    Quick Launch, Pre-built Solution

  • Tested on multiple businesses and has been performing flawlessly.

    Customizable, Scalable, Easily Manageable

  • Completely administrable and manageable through a dedicated admin panel.

    Trustworthy Platform, Real-Time Visibility

  • Full customization, deployment and maintenance support.

    Low Investment & Optimum Returns

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Detailings of Our Online Food Ordering Script to
Make Food Delivery Business Smarter

SpotnEats mainly focus on the restaurant owners who wish to uplift their revenue via digitized workflow and develops an opt solution namely online food ordering script for that. Delivery app clone script containing specialized features relating to the current demands like instant food ordering, tracking of orders in real-time, scheduling the orders as per the needed times, etc. The online delivery app clone script from SpotnEats includes all such essentials for flawless restaurant workflows.

The food delivery app clone from SpotnEats also addresses the real-time issues faced by the delivery partners in real-time and acts as a well-optimized supporting platform for them to perform the tasks in a convenient manner. The delivery partners attached to the delivery app clone script experienced the new beneficiary options like revenue-scaling, familiar-driven options, etc to do work in an impressive manner. Honorable mentions of SpotnEats food delivery script to prove its effectiveness are:

  • Web/Mobile App Platforms with 100% Source Code
  • Fully customizable multi-lingual script
  • Multi-dimensional ordering with diverse filtering options
  • Easy payment gateways integration with different payment options
  • Healthy communication platform between customers & vendors
  • Easily manageable interfaces for restaurant owners to create an impressive food menu

How the Detailed Workflow of Our Food
Delivery Script Will be?

Focusing on digitization and the speedy delivery to the customer’s doorstep, the workflow is getting optimized with the perfect-fit online food delivery. Right from the new restaurant/food search till the order is received, the impressive workflow of the online food ordering script is visually presented as follows:

Spotneats App Workflow

How the Detailed Workflow of Our Food Delivery Script Will be?

Focusing on digitization and the speedy delivery to the customer’s doorstep, the workflow is getting optimized with the perfect-fit online food delivery. Right from the new restaurant/food search till the order is received, the impressive workflow of the online food ordering script is visually presented as follows:

Spotneats App Workflow

What are all the Impressive Features Do We Cover in
Our Online Food delivery script?

User App

Ultimate beneficiaries in the food delivery business create their own profile with the basic credentials and immediately search and locate the nearby familiar restaurants based on their rankings and accessibility. Greeted with impressive options listed as follows to get the favorite food directly at their doorstep and stay connected with the business for a long-time.

  • Get a full-order list in a visualized form in one-window for an immediate decision
  • Locate the nearby restaurants by the direct-specification of location information
  • Book the orders as per the comfort levels either now or schedule them for later
  • Track all the food orders in real-time easily with the map-based framework options
  • Benefited from the feasible filtering options, subcategories for quick access in future
  • Easy check out options by making the payments smartly in multiple modes as well as reviews.

Delivery Partner App

Intermediate players between the vendors and the customers are the delivery partners where they perform the trip to pick up and deliver the orders to the customers on-time. Ensure direct interaction via notifying, the communication feature set allows them to perform their tasks without any disruptions. Further, their activities are simplified with the following features.

  • Availability toggle helps them to carry the scheduled/high-priority orders in a collapse-free manner.
  • Notify them instantly once the customer requests initiated to make them go for pickup quickly.
  • Live reporting to the customers on location details ensure the estimated time of delivery.
  • A complete order history within a single-window increases its ability to handle it smartly.
  • Making trip via optimal distance assure speedy delivery and increases order handlings.
  • Dedicated interfaces to manage their orders, payment collection seamlessly.

Restaurant Owners App

The core player for the food delivery business has their own profile and the impressive template for the food available with essential information. The instant update of the food as per the availability of the food and the alerts for the delivery partners to pick up the orders makes them get immediate attention from the customer side.

  • Advanced templates with visual analytics to showcase and update food menus.
  • Get all the order-details from the customer side to know their favorable choices instantly.
  • Alert the drivers with the desired alerts based on the customer location preferences.
  • Specialized module to track the food availability, customer orders, approximate arrival tracking.
  • Dedicated pricing module to set or update the price as per the current statistics.
  • Split modules as per the customers and their orders for quick processing.

Admin App

Top-authority role in the entire food delivery business model as an admin who manages all the activities and monitors them perfectly to make a quick decision. The food delivery app clone has a dedicated dashboard for these players to minimize their burden and digitize the workflow. The features that highly acted as the supporting one for admin are:

  • Complete accessible of dashboards of delivery partners, restaurant owners, and customers.
  • Add/remove the category of the restaurants, delivery partners based on customer needs.
  • Access the earning history of all the stakeholders to generate the reports digitally.
  • Profit decided module for the delivery partner, restaurant owners by review analysis.
  • Promoting modules like ad-banner, referral management to ensure online presence.
  • Customized settings to alter the workflow as per the current needs of the business flow.

What are in-built Revenue Channels in Our Food Delivery Script?

On-time Delivery Fee Collection
Negotiated Item Collection Fee
In-App Advertisement Fee
The fee to complete High-priority Delivery
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What are Elements You Have Gained From us?

  • Food delivery appPickup & Delivery App
  • Both Android & iOS versionsAndroid, iOS Platforms
  •  Web/browser admin panelRestaurant Owner App
  • App interface for usersCustomer App Interface
  • App interface for restaurant owners and managersAdmin Web Panels
  • App interface for delivery partners and vehicle ownersDelivery Partner App

The best food delivery script from SpotnEats makes you launch a startup timely.

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Can the Food Delivery Script be Customized?

Yes. Our feature-rich food delivery clone script is 100% customizable in nature as per the business needs in real-time.

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Yes. We will be delighted to assist you with the app enhancement process as per the agreement criteria.

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Yes. The development team will be in touch with you right from the initialization stage till the launch. Our team members receive the inputs and suggestions from you and deliver the products according to all your demands as well as market trends.

How Food Delivery clone Script differs from Standalone Familiar Apps?

The food delivery clone script follows the cloned-app framework from which the impressive options can be built and include the advanced features to make the food delivery business as profitable.