How To Start An Online Medicine Delivery Business In 2020?

The most expected industry to use the on-demand delivery model was the pharmacy sector. If you say that if one sector that can use the on-demand model to the fullest, then it is the medicine delivery. But, unfortunately this sector didn’t grow in the last three years because of strong regulation issues. 

Happily, starting 2020, many governments relaxed the regulations owing to the need for last-mile medicine delivery in tier 2 and 3 cities.

Existing pharmacies shall transform their operation into a centralized online delivery format and now is the apt time for it. Even people who have an entrepreneurial spirit shall try launching an on-demand medicine delivery marketplace. 

What are the Prospects for Online Medicine Delivery App Business in 2020?

  • The changing landscape in the medicine delivery model presents a lot of opportunities to innovate. Supply chain technologies have matured a lot and this can be used to make delivery faster.
  • Like how the demand for e-commerce slowly shifted to tier 2 and 3 cities, medicine delivery too will experience such change.
  • Big pharma companies are looking to fund potential medicine delivery startups.
  • B2C startups like medicine delivery have clear metrics to measure business performance. So, a good idea has a great chance of getting investment.

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Important component in the online medicine delivery business

The app solution is the one and only important component for this startup business. The delivery software comprises multiple interfaces, each for customers and the pharmacy.

Simple workflow of the online medicine delivery app.

  1. Searching for medicine: The end-user search for medicine from the list of pharmacies listed and choose one based on price and availability. The prescription of the medicine can also be uploaded before selecting the pharmacy.
  2. Adding medicine to the cart: Later, the user adds the medicines to the cart by specifying the amount, address, time for delivery, and other necessary details.
  3. Payment and order tracking: After the invoice is generated, the user completes the payment and starts to track the order.

See, the process to order medicines is so easy that it takes less than 5 minutes to complete everything.

For an online medicine delivery startup to be more advanced and have a complete management setup, it can have the following systems integrated into their delivery solution.

Inventory management

Medicine stocks, orders from wholesalers, orders from companies, inventory, and future requirement of medicines has to be tracked properly and it is easy when everything is present in a single panel. The inventory management system is accessed for all works done at the backend of the business.

Sales and distribution system

Both online and offline sales and distribution is made easy using the sales and distribution system. Bulk sales to users and retailers can be managed using this system. A large number of transactions can be seamlessly monitored from this.

Supply chain management

The supply chain management solution in the admin web panel enables the logistics to run smoothly. Delivery to the customers through the delivery agent is monitored and made quick using the SCM system. The same SCM system also helps while sourcing stocks from different places to fill inventory.

Customer relationship management(CRM)

Customer details, sales records, demographics, region-based sales, target users, and all the details related to customers are managed in the CRM software. CRM is a great tool to find the best way for customer engagement.

These systems are part of the online medicine delivery solution. Entrepreneurs and pharmacy owners shall also use a standalone medicine delivery system excluding other systems.

Selecting the solution for the on-demand business

Sourcing pre-built script from on-demand app developers   

Successful entrepreneurs who run on-demand delivery services startups recommend getting the pre-built version of the online delivery solution. Other alternatives like the development from scratch are time-consuming and expensive.

Pre-built scripts of medicine delivery are generally developed by having the Ubereats app as a reference. The online ordering and delivery format is similar to Ubereats. Other factors like design, features, functionalities, databases, etc can be modified independently.

So, it seems that purchasing a readymade online medicine delivery script is the best option mainly for a newbie startup.

Scaling the online medicine delivery startup

If you had captured a certain market share in your online medicine delivery startup, then there is a huge scope to expand the service by adding the following.

Interaction with doctors: Doctors can be roped into the service by creating a forum for users asking questions. A fee is charged for asking questions and some of it can be sent to doctors. An interactive doctor-user platform will go a long way in reducing the gap between patients and doctors.

Telemedicine: Here again, the user shall directly connect with a doctor to get medical advice and also get medication recommendations. The prescribed medicines shall be delivered to the users normally.

Wrapping up!

I guess you are somewhat convinced about the idea of online medicine delivery and the scope for it. There is no doubt about its future prospects; hence, step into this business sector and make a place for you. Online medicine delivery is in the nascent stage and first to enter will reap maximum benefits.

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Now, plan for the app solution and put some effort to get the right solution provider. SpotnEats is an experienced maker of medicine delivery products. SpotnEats team used top apps as standards. We build a long-term commitment with the clients and give a top-class products. Your technology partner can make or break your startup idea! Connect with us at [email protected].

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