Revolutionizing Food Delivery: How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Enhancing the Experience

Revolutionizing Food Delivery: How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are Enhancing the Experience

“Making the most with the least” is the primary vision of any business in any industry. Artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, IoTs, and other advancements are making this dream of business true. From home cleaning to advocating, the impact of advanced technologies is inevitable. 

In that manner, the impact of VR and AR on the restaurant industry especially on the food delivery process is unavoidable. Usually, many entrepreneurs in this industry know how these technologies can enhance the dining-in experience; but only a few forward thinkers know how these technologies can be used to improve customer engagement and experience even in the doorstep delivery process. 

Here you go! We list out the exact ways to revolutionize the food delivery process with VR and AR through effective food delivery software. 

Eliminating Barriers with VR 

“Challenge yourself and extend your limitations” may be a powerful motivational quote for you personally. But do you know how you can execute this idea in your food delivery business? 

Let’s check.

Before that, categorize your target customers by their nature, age, nationality, and many others. In this, you can find foodies who want to try some new foods, food reviewers, tourists, and food enthusiasts. These are the people who can be easily converted as your brand advocates. 

This is your challenge too. 

To complete this objective properly, you should list out the barriers to the task. For example, these people may speak various languages and have various food cultures depending on their landscape, personal likes, and others. Whatever first you should communicate with them properly to convince them to order food with you. Here, you need VR.

Just by providing an additional option to check out the VR appearance of a food item, a potential customer can be stimulated to order a new dish. Simply, by projecting the food items by collaborating with their real environment you can communicate with them and describe the food item without any language barrier. 

That means you have done it!!!

You extend the limitation of your food delivery service by integrating the VR feature with a food delivery app! 

Want to Engage Customers? AR is Here! 

The world is moving towards a smarter environment surrounded by digital devices, automated devices, and artificial intelligence. So, AR is no more a strange thing!

So, just include an AR feature with food delivery software (here we use the term “food delivery software” to mention the combined thing of delivery person app, customer app, restaurant app, and admin panel) you can engage customers potentially. 

Already many famous brands make their presence in AR-based customer engagement trails. For example, a famous wine brand 19 Crimes uses a strategy called “Living Wine Labels”. The concept of this strategy is simply based on a mobile application with a simple AR algorithm. When customers download it and use it on the label of the wine bottle, the character on the bottle tells a story of the 19 Crimes fam as they come to life on the bottle. 

It encourages and stimulates the curiosity of its customers to check out the new story from another character on their bottle. The strategy works! (so keep health advisory in your mind) The same strategy has been also followed by many brands including Starbucks.

Likewise, you can engage your customers by including a simple yet effective AR facility with the application. 

VR-AR Games: Are They Marketing Tools?

Games! Is there anyone who won’t love games? Maybe a few Saiyans (saints) won’t. 

But most people like to play games. Taking this fact as an advantage Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc has been promoting its eatery business by developing a simulator game. Simply, this strategy cultivates children and game players to be aware of the eatery and curious to taste food items of the brand. 

Simply, by following this strategy, you can develop simple VR/AR-based simulator games to engage customers, build brand awareness, and convert more customers. In addition to this, you can also earn money from the game also. 

The Extract 

So, VR and AR can revamp the experience of food ordering and delivery. You can be benefitted from these technologies by integrating them with your food-ordering app. Regardless of your business model, these innovations can aid you to boost sales and stand alone in the respective industry related to food delivery. 

But what if you haven’t more money to invest in such great things

  1. First, build a business of food delivery/ restaurant with essential infrastructure. 
  2. Adopt a basic yet effective food delivery software for your business.
  3. Stick with the business and execute working strategies to boost your revenue.
  4. Save your earnings and wait for the right time.
  5. Invest your savings to restructure your business. At this step, you may have the money which is sufficient to invest in AR/VR technology.

So, take your first step towards the next-gen food delivery experience now! Get your personalized food delivery management software from SpotnEats! Contact our experts now!

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