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Due to the many technical advancements and exposure, the USA is the world leader for many things. For the business, the introduction of new things can be a trend for other countries in the world. Same as this, the food delivery business through the online application acts as the trendy one from the USA.

While online delivery is emerging, eating or food purchase is undergoing the new dimension. According to the evolution of online delivery services, the customer’s preferences and expectations are turned to the new face. Those who wish to launch the food delivery software for startups in the USA must understand the needs of the customers and know how to meet their expectations in a digital way.

In the latest research, the sales value of the meal delivery business has increased by 158% year-by-year. The percentage increase proves the effectiveness of food delivery software for small businesses that directs to much on-demand food delivery app development companies in the market.

In parallel, the restaurant owners also look for the chance to cover a wide range of customer’s expectations. Normally, they show their interest in capturing their own place in a competitive business environment. On the whole, suitable food delivery software for restaurants is the most needed one that brings more applications in the market.

The short overview of the demand for the food delivery services in the USA, giant players available in the market, the key metrics from this analysis, and how the SpotnEats online food delivery software makes the restaurant owners fit into those metrics in detail in this blog.

US App-Based Food Delivery Business- Best Investing Platform 

Every year, the US food delivery industry has many turns in the market. The research statistics recorded in 2015 stated that the Americans spent most of the money on food delivery platforms. For an urban retail-budget, the most part was contributed by restaurants.

The number of food delivery locations was also increased in Manhattan in the same year accounted for 40% of new releases. For the past five years, many new advancements like the increase in usage of internet platforms increase sales further.

  • In an overall revenue analysis report form statistica, the revenue in the online food software-based manner is projected to attain an amount of 26,527 million USD at the end of 2020.
  • The largest volume is observed in the restaurant-to-consumer delivery business model and the projected growth volume is 15,631 million USD.
  • The forecast analysis during the period between 2020-2024 depicted some more additional proofs to this. The CAGR percentage rate is 5.1.% and the volume is expected to reach 32.235 million USD at the end of 2024.
  • Till 2020, the total number of users for an efficient food delivery application in the US has increased to 111.7 million.

Nowadays, restaurants majorly focus on outside of restaurants such as how the delivery platform is to be strengthened with the proper online food delivery channels. On the basis of the report from the Cowen and Company investment group, spending the specific amount on the improvement of the delivery channels brings the 80% growth in the next five years. 

Quick ordering chains and convenient locations are the most prominent things in the future years. Due to the two factors like online delivery and location-aware, online food delivery services are increasing widely in the US market. 

The rise of web-based or app-based business allows the consumers to order the prepared food over their phone and bring many new facets to the food delivery services in the USA.

The emergence of online food delivery software in the US opened up the gate for meal delivery services, farm-to-table based concepts, and many advances to the food delivery business. They also used it for the peoples to get a decent revenue by making their partnership.

This is the most wanted alternate one to the Pizza delivery market. The commonly available top online food delivery services already available in the USA are Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates. By looking shortly on these models, the feel-free launch of the food delivery business is the possible one.

Insights on Food Delivery Software Available in the USA

In the fast-paced USA regions, Americans prefer food delivery applications to experience convenience delivery and comfortable ordering. The short view on each of the application models, revenue making strategies and the workflow bring some inferences to the newly launched players in the food delivery sectors.


The most experienced player in the online food delivery services featured around 300000 restaurants in 3200 cities in the US. The Imperative search options included in this app model allow the customers to look and place the orders in a fast manner. The sorting process of the restaurants is based on one of the following categories: delivery charge, location, rating, and cuisine type.

  • The perks tab with rewarding options is the special one for frequent customers. This also holds the freebies while payment. 
  • Grubhub is meant for an easy payment option. Also, the Grubhub is a familiar one in the market, especially for profitable deals.


The most alike nature app compared to Grubhub is DoorDash founded in 2013 covered 4000 US cities. The total number of restaurants beneficial with the use of DoorDash application is greater than 300000 and it overtook the Grubhub in 2019 with the top rating. The filtering process is based on the type of food ordered, price, and many more. The overall operation is observed as a little complicated but easy navigation compared to Grubhub.

  • Doordash is mostly accessed due to its high-reputation and consistency. The searching options for the specific restaurant are also available. 
  • It provides the subscription for frequent users namely Dashpass. With that, the customer experiences the free delivery services from various restaurants irrespective of location.


With the base of ‘anything from anywhere’, Postmates has a unique space in the food delivery market. After the launch of this in the year 2011, the operation of the Postmates covers the 4200 US cities with the features for 600000 business platforms. The simple design in Postmates compared to the Grubhub and Doordash receives a huge number of customer attention.

  • Having the top three selection options like delivery, pickup, and party, the food delivery based on Postmates is interesting and quicker than both the above apps. 
  • The Postmates is specially wanted one from more customers due to the delivery deals. Postmates also have the subscription option with 24*7 support and also no additional fee for busy hours.


Even though recently arrived in the food delivery market in 2014, UberEats proved its effectiveness by covering the 320000 restaurant partners across 500 cities in the US. Simple design, user-friendly interface, limiting selection ways by price, delivery fee, dietary options, UberEats registered its pace in the food delivery market.

  • Users largely preferred UberEats for fast delivery and consistent tracking options. 
  • UberEats usage is free from the email promotion options and at the same time, the deal happening in the current situation is also visible if the customers open the site immediately. This attractive feature enables more customers to place orders.

Inferences to Create a Best Food Delivery Application in the USA

From the quick analysis of the giant players available in the market, some of the inferences are to be noted. These are helpful for new food delivery business ventures in the USA. They are shortly described as follows.

Aware of Trends Happening and Update

Be updated with the latest trends in the food delivery market is an important one. Customers prefer a number of options to place food orders in various restaurants. Comfort ordering and the estimated time information are the top requirements. Recently, the social-platform-based ordering is getting a new one in the market.

Integrated Delivery Model

Order only and the order-delivery models are the two structures in the food delivery process. UberEats and Doordash adopted the delivery models to provide a convenient delivery facility and generate additional revenue through the commission or delivery fees.

Focus on Efficient Feature Set

In addition to the basic feature set, the recent app-based business demands more innovative features from the customer’s perspective. Pushup notification, tracking, rating, or review options, and the help center are the attractive options to capture a huge range of customers within a short period.

How SpotnEats Online Food Delivery Software is the Right Choice on Inferences?

With enough experience in the on-demand food delivery software development, SpotnEats develops the best food delivery application for those who are interested in launching the new online food delivery business in the USA.

Since this is the built-in form, the time to develop the application and deployment is less and this is the most required for quick launch. Additionally, the cross-platform nature like Android, iOS, the reliability of the food delivery business against the various customers is assured. Here are some of the perks of SpotnEats are highlighted based on the giant players in the food delivery market.

Interactive Search Options

While the customer accessing the SpotnEats application, the search options are the imperative things and the filtering is based on favorite food/ favorite restaurant, desired location, price, delivery fee, high-rating, etc. This is the same as other familiar apps in the USA and competing too.

Greet the Frequent Users

To stay in the food delivery business for the long-term, the customers are expecting many greeting options. The SpotnEats food delivery software allows the service providers to easily separate frequent users from rare peoples and provide the subscription option, promo codes-based purchasing options, etc.

Social Media-based Ordering

As per the recent trend, the SpotnEats food delivery software also has special options called social-media integration where the stakeholders and the customers are getting closer than earlier. This way provides easy ordering options to the customers. Also, this allows them to host the review or feedback of the ordered food on their page itself. This brings many new customers to the business model.

Fill with Validation Options

As per the analysis of the food delivery applications in the USA, the customer selection is based on the ratings. Hence, the SpotnEats also has additional features like the ratings and review options.

With this, the restaurant owner who has the high-rank is aggregated at the top of the search to receive more orders from the customer side. To place them at the top, the specific commission is also gathered from them and this is the additional revenue for the service provider.

Wrapping Up

Steady revenue and more coverage are the basic things for the giant players to capture the food delivery market in the USA. Focusing on these things, the build of a robust delivery platform is the necessary one for the one who wishes to launch the new food delivery startup in the USA.

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SpotnEats food delivery software for the startup fulfills all the customer needs through the most favorable feature-set and allows the business owners to easily expand their services to multi-domain. Hire the most knowledgeable food delivery software development team from SpotnEats and launch the innovative food delivery business in the USA wisely by filling the form below.

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