Kuwait among other Middle East countries is situated in an ideal location for intense economic activity; Kuwait has a well-built port; one of the top airports is located here; an ideal place to connect easily from Asia Pacific. Kuwait also performs better in terms of GDP and ease of doing business among other neighbors. It […]

Getting good, hot and healthy food before classes or at night time is the difficult one that turns students may order the pizzas to their rooms.  Cafeteria-ike settings like campus dining with the diverse food options open up the space for choices, flavors, etc.  The scenario behind the campus dining can be viewed in two […]

Want to earn money in a smart way without any physical work? Are you ready to become the owner of the on-demand food delivery app and earn billions? This blog will be most useful for the person who is willing to become a young entrepreneur to taste success without sweat. The food and delivery system […]

Want to earn more money within a short period from your comfort place by investing some dollars? Then you’re on the right track keep reading this blog and I’m sure that you’re going to taste the flavor of success as a young entrepreneur.  Artificial Intelligence catching the attention of the food industry by giving 100% […]

There is a common belief that countries in African continent are not well developed and because of poor infrastructure it is simply impossible for tech startups to survive. This belief may have been true until some years back; continuous effort from all sides, especially in Nigeria, has turned the table towards niche tech startups.  For […]

Having an online restaurant marketplace like Ubereats is the hot startup idea right now. Many techies are resorting to this idea because of its potential and future prospects. Developing countries and their cities and towns are big markets for online food ordering and delivery. Users in such markets are looking for unique, easy to use […]

Entrepreneurship is a tough job and very few of them taste success in their first attempt. The on-demand online food delivery marketplace is one of the few startup ideas that have a quick ROI. It is not always necessary to come up with new ideas for a startup; online food ordering is already there and […]

The traditional restaurant business in the US alone is estimated to get $50 billion in revenue in 2019; this figure is expected to decrease in 2020 and the reason is obvious. Online food ordering and delivery are increasing its reach and for the first time in 2020, dine-in order is decreasing in terms of revenue. […]

The food delivery market which includes both online and offline orders makes revenue of $40 billion worldwide; this is soon going to reach $75 billion by 2022. Among this, nearly 45% is from online food ordering. Not to mention that the online food ordering market is growing at a rate of 20% every year. People […]

SpotnEats is a leading maker of on-demand food app solution. Our benchmark is Ubereats, so the quality of our app is no less than the top apps. So far we have delivered the SpotnEats food delivery app solution to more than 15+ countries for many tech entrepreneurs and restaurants worldwide. Having said that, there is […]

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