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What If… Your Food Court Having a Food Delivery App like UberEats?

This is a blog that reimagines real-time food court business operations with a food delivery app solution but not MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) events.

In case you’re running a food court business, then this will be an exclusive blog that delivers a new innovative business idea to boost and revamp your business. So, let’s get into the blog without any delay!

What If… A Consumer Can Meet Your Food Court Online?

In case you’re having a food delivery mobile application for your food court business, then your end-consumers can find and access the vendors of your food hall online. But what are the benefits you can drive by doing this?

Let’s check

You can increase your brand visibility easily. 

To do that, you need both a food-ordering website and also a mobile application. So, you can list your food hall in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) with proper SEO practice. On another hand, the mobile application will be the platform through which you can attract more customers to order food from your vendors.

You can get an additional revenue stream.

Typically, a commercial food court operates on a rental basis or leasing basis. In addition to this, a food court can charge its vendors for conducting additional promotional events, running ad campaigns, and also providing additional features and facilities. 

So, by allowing your vendors to list their shop in your commercial eatery marketplace in your food ordering application and the website you can collect additional fees from them. Instead of this, you can also follow commission basis fee calculation. In this commission method, the vendor only needs to pay a certain percentage of commission when they get orders online from your handles (both app/ website).

Raise your brand recognition.

When most customers in the locality prefer your food court, the brand recognition for your food hall will increase. It directly boosts your day-to-day customer count. You can quote high rent for your vendor space when your food hall has high brand visibility and recognition. 

By including referral programs and loyalty programs in your food delivery application, you can increase brand recognition for your food court. In addition to this, running online ad campaigns and social media ads can help you to build rock-solid brand recognition. 

Can be the trailblazer

In the competitive business world, trying new things can help you to create your own market and demand. In this aspect of the “Blue Ocean Strategy”, having an online food ordering application for your food hall can be helpful to sustain and highlight your business in the market. 

It’s easy to do a conversion and retargeting 

When your food hall has a separate mobile application, you can connect with the end consumer directly. Alongside this, the app helps you to know more about your potential customers. So, it’s easy to convert a consumer. 

For instance, you can run a survey or collect consumer details legally through the food delivery app. At the same time, through notifications, SMS, emails, and in-app chat of the app you can send personalized offers or gift cards to make them engage. It works well when you retargeting a consumer.  

So, when your food court is accessible online, you can get the above said benefits simultaneously. But is it possible? 

Yes! By having a mobile app like UberEats for your food court, all these are possible. Let’s discuss this in the next part. 

Food Delivery App like UberEats for Your Food Court

You can get a mobile application like UberEats in two ways. One is, developing a custom mobile application and the second one is choosing a customizable UberEats clone script. 

Both are good picks with respect to your scenario. From Uplogic Technologies you can get both solutions. Here, you can check out how our readymade food delivery app solution SpotnEats (UberEats clone) can help in this case.

A Readymade App Solution: What It Includes?

Our readymade food delivery app solution (SpotnEats) includes the following to serve your needs.

  • Customer mobile app,
  • Store app,
  • A delivery person app,
  • Admin panel, and
  • A website.

All these are customizable to provide uniqueness in your mobile application. You may doubt how it is enough or efficient to empower your food court business with food delivery. Let’s check.


When you choose us, you’ll be provided with the above-said app solution for your business. With the admin panel of the solution, you can include stores by creating profiles for them. So each vendor can log in as a store (vendors) through the “Store App”. 

They can include their food items, menus, prices, and specifications through the application. 

With the admin panel, you can customize and control what the end user can see in your customer application. For instance, categories, in-app content, ad banners, payment options, and others.

In a sentence, through the admin panel, you can customize the user pathway of the app solution.

Once these processes are complete, your food court app is ready! Now, let’s check how it’ll work.


  • When the end-user plays an order through the customer app, the respective vendor will get a notification about the order through Store App. 
  • The vendor can accept or reject the order through the app.
  • When the vendor accepts the order, they can ping the delivery person about the task with the app. 
  • The delivery person who is allotted for the task will be notified through the “Delivery person app”.
  • Once they accept the task, they get the delivery address and other details. They can get the delivery route also.
  • Meantime, the customers can track the process. Once after the delivery, they can rate the service through the app. 
  • All these processes can be monitored and managed with the Admin panel of our app solution. 

That’s all. Right?

Oh…no! What about money?

Money Flow

When customers order food items they’ll pay for them. It includes a delivery charge if you want to include it. 

If they pay online, the super admin will receive the money and can get the commission before forwarding the amount to the respective vendor. In the case of cash on delivery, the vendor gets the amount and should pay the commission to you (food court owner)*. 

*Note, this flow can be modified on your demand. 

Anything Else? 

In conclusion, with our customizable UberEats clone script, we can develop a food delivery software/ app for your food court business. With this solution, you can easily increase your brand value and be a unique competitor in the market. 

If you have any queries or anything else, feel free to ping our experts at any time.

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