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SpotnEats provides a well-crafted web and mobile app-like Foodpanda that includes unique features and digitized interfaces to make you grow in the food delivery market quickly.

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Foodpanda clone app

How the Foodpanda Clone App Brings New Ways to your Food Delivery Business?

The online food delivery industry is one of the top-revenue generating platforms where a number of restaurant owners are actively participating and get the essential familiarity in the market. We offer an advanced Foodpanda Clone Script, a white-label solution that enables the restaurant owners to process, deliver the food to the customers timely. The impressive workflow with the top-listed feature set in this script makes the restaurant owners manage their food delivery business in easy ways. The specific mentions are:

  • Adorable App Designs

  • Synchronized App Interfaces

  • Multi-Order Handling Options

  • Completely Controllable Dashboards

  • Fast Deployment

  • Secure and multiple payment options

  • Adaptable to single/multi-restaurants

  • User-friendly and responsive

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How Does Our Foodpanda Clone Works?

Foodpanda Clone App Workflow

What are all Unique Metrics of Foodpanda Clone Script?

  • Seamless stakeholder management of all their activities.
  • No need for technical knowledge.
  • Brand loyalty assurance with the unique features.
  • Advanced payment options like wallet, crypto-basis, etc.
  • Easy-to-use panels with simple workflows.
  • 100% scalable, customizable.
  • White-Label Solution with Platform compatibilities.
  • Best Tech handy partner from single/multiple restaurants.
  • Advanced route locator options.

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Unique Metrics of Foodpanda Clone Script

What are all Key-Features included in Our Foodpanda Clone App Package?

Simple Sign-up/Profile Making

Makes the customers register themselves via multiple options like email, mobile numbers, and social media accounts with robust back-end support.

Search for Restaurants and Food

Allows the customers to search the restaurants available in the nearby regions and the food items in it quickly.

Custom Template for Food Items

Makes the customers view the food items with the ingredients, healthy details, pricing, etc easily.

Impressive Filtering

Food seekers have advanced filtering options like the type of cuisine, organic, rating-based, most-accessed, veg/non-veg categories.

Location-Specific & Instant Tracking

Customers can easily specify the details of their location manually/automatically. With the tracking capability, the customer also tracks the current status of the food.

Notifying Options

Right from the food preparation in the restaurants, packaging, during delivery trips, to the doorstep. The customers have the alerts instant by instant.

Secure & Multi-payment Options

With the necessary authenticity assurance interfaces, the third-party payment modules allow the customers to pay the charge easily after the order is received.

Tremendous History Analysis

Customers have direct access options to the order history for quick food orders next time.

Delivery Persons Easy On-boarding

With the capabilities of digital document uploading options and the signup activities, the delivery executives can register themselves as the stakeholders in the Foodpanda clone app.

Pickup Status Confirmation

As per the current state of the delivery drivers, they can easily show their status for instant pickup or later pickup.

Food Delivery Order Details

Gather the complete details of the food items, customer’s location, mobile numbers for the effortless delivery.

Food Completion Updates

The notifications received from the restaurant owners enable the delivery executives to collect the food and deliver them to the customer's doorstep quickly.

Customer Live Updates

After collecting the food from the restaurants, the instant updates during the trip are intimated to the customers' lives.

Smart In-App Navigation Options

By enabling the GPS options within the app, the delivery drivers complete the trip with the minimum distance and time that leads to carrying more orders on a day.

Ease of Task Management

The backend in the driver’s interface provides the necessary driver assignment details. Automated task allocation premises within the app makes the delivery drivers have the trip-aware in all stages.

Customer Orders Data

After every order completion, the delivery executives can easily record the history of orders and this will be useful in easy access in the future.

Custom Restaurant Profile

This supports restaurant owners to create their own profile including the name, brand assurance, certifications received rank value in the market logo and address to attract the customers directly at the initial stage.

Food Menu Building

Makes the restaurant owners showcase the food available with the list-based templates. The detailed information on food, ingredients used, and healthy information brings attractions from the customer side.

Real-time Order Management

Being the restaurant owner, order management is the essential thing. Restaurant owners can receive all the food orders related to completion time either by an instant or later.

Table Booking Options

This makes the restaurant owners access the details corresponds to table-booking requests and confirm them instantly.

Food Order Matches

The complete analysis of the customer food order requests and the food availability provides the optimal balancing

Complete Tracking of Delivery Executives

After the handover, the food package to the delivery drivers, the tracking of them till the delivery completion and alerting the customers on each stage make the delivery as prominent in the market

Earning Report Analysis

This option allows the restaurant owners to generate reports regarding the number of orders received, processed, the payment received and the commission earnings, etc.

Availability Assurance

After receiving the food request from the customer side, the availability of the food is checked and intimate to the customers immediately.

Take Charging Dashboards

Since the number of participants is more, managing them needs a special access board. Our foodpanda clone script includes the special dashboards that make the restaurant owners take full control of all activities remotely.

Add/remove restaurant Players

Based on the location specified by the customers, the restaurants available are easily aggregated. The admin has the necessary option to add or remove easily.

Powerful Management

This option allows the admin to access the restaurant owner portal directly and manage all the activities like new food order acceptance, process and completion of delivery

Full-Fledged Fleet Analysis

Admin can directly visit the delivery driver’s dashboard and analyze the number of delivery orders completed, processed, and pending.

Bird’s Eye View

With the advanced tracking, communication, and food order management capabilities, the admin can monitor the number of users, orders received and the payment collected easily.

Commission Updates

For every food order completion, the commission is deducted for the restaurant owners and the delivery drivers from the customer payments.

Smart Analytics

As per the integration with the google analytics platforms, the admin can track the traffic value of the business and update the flow accordingly.

Pay-in Records

The payment for every order has been recorded after every successful order completion. The digital way of collecting money assures accuracy and transparency in the payment collection

What are all extra-features (customer Requisition)

In-app chat modules
Crypto-based payment options
Seamless Gateway Integration
Any Demanding Features in Real-Time

What are all the Unique Features of Foodpanda Clone Script to Make You Stand Out?

  • Multi-Branch Management

    Managing the multiple restaurants with our foodpanda clone script is the easy one for the merchants. The dedicated dashboards for each branch exist where the aggregator can directly access the respective and monitor it quickly.

  • Customer Notifying Options

    The inclusion of notification options within the app module enables the aggregator or super admin to send the information related to discounts, special offers, and promotions to potential customers.

  • Linguistic & Currency Management

    For the food delivery startup, the franchise creation and management across many countries. Our script inherits the special features like linguistic and currency management that helps the startup owners to expand the food delivery franchise seamlessly.

  • Social Interaction

    Allows both the customers and the stakeholders to login via social media platforms like Facebook to keep authenticity while ordering and share the experience with more audiences.

  • Advanced Table Booking

    With this option, customers can easily make the table reservation by specifying the date and time prior.

  • Referral-Based Earning Options

    The referral system included in the app platform to stimulate potential customers to bring more new customers to the business model and get earned for each new user.

  • Advanced Food Order Management

    Allows the admin to manage the food delivery reports digitally and in an accurate manner. This will be helpful for them to track the earnings for each order.

  • Event-Based Ordering

    This option allows the customer to place the food orders based on the event’s location date and time. The consistent tracking of food orders also added options for the stress-free plans.

Foodpanda Clone App Script

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Modules You Received From Our Foodpanda Clone App

  • Food delivery app Web/Mobile Interface for Super Admin
  • Both Android & iOS versions Restaurant Owner Interface
  •  Web/browser admin panel Delivery Management Interface
  • App interface for users Customer Ordering Apps in Android & iOS
  • App interface for restaurant owners and managers Order Taking Apps
  • App interface for delivery partners and vehicle owners Delivery partners/ vehicle Owners Apps

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What is the workflow of the Foodpanda Clone App Development?

Food delivery startup owners in either small or large faced major issues in food order handling. By partnering with the advanced Foodpanda clone app, the customization and the scalable feature allows them to manage the food orders in an easy way. With the pre-planning, deep analysis of business requirements, development, testing, and launching at the right time, our Foodpanda clone script development provides a positive direction to grow in the business. The additional gain metrics when you partnered with us.

  • White-label, branded, scalable, customizable solution
  • Powerful Dashboards for all the players involved
  • Turnkey Solution to enable the startup owners to launch on a zero-time basis
  • Countless restaurants operational interface
  • Custom Delivery zones
  • Seamless communication, quick on-time delivery with post-launch support
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Tech-stack We Consider

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Foodpanda Clone App be scalable for high-dimensional users?

Yes. All our products can be scaled in both a vertical and horizontal manner. Our products support large dimensional users say 100s or 1000s with a solid infrastructure with the synchronized features.

How do you prove the Foodpanda Clone is highly secure?

APIs, iOS, and Android apps development met SSL certificates and a keychain for the credentials storage. The specific encryption technique provides a high-secure environment to the customer data.

Can I expect post-launch support from you?

Yes. As per company values, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. We not only assist with the launch of foodpanda clone app in the app store, our support extends to all your successive stages.

Can I hire your team for customization?

Of course! We have a dedicated, knowledgeable team with us. They will provide customization as per the real-time expectations in the food delivery market.

Do Your Offer Foodpanda clone app Development Solutions that fit for all platforms?

Yes. We will provide complete robust solutions for iOS, Android, and web platforms to make the activities smoother.

What is the Limit of Maximum restaurants to be integrated into the Foodpanda clone app?

There is no limit count for our foodpanda clone app and this provides the necessary support to the infinite customers, restaurant owners, and delivery partners.