Grab Your Startup Opportunities in Ethiopia Food Delivery Industry Using SpotnEats Finest Mobile App Solution

Everyone is well aware of the growth of the food delivery business in recent days and its steady revenue growth, where it helps dozens of people to get their foods from their favorite restaurant, once they make their choice, just by tap they can place their order and it will arrive at their doorstep in a few minutes.

But still many doubt that there is a possibility for the new firms? Yes, I’m 100% sure that still there is a possibility for the new firms in the food delivery business. Is lagging at the delivery side impacted on the entire food delivery system? Nope. People are expecting good applications in addition to an efficient delivery process. With those applications, they can order their foods without any lags or crashes.

 Is there any app like that? Yes, I hope you’re in the right place. Here you will get the full scalable food delivery app along with expert support. In this blog, you will get the full details about the food delivery app and its demands in your region.

On-Growing Food Delivery Industry in Ethiopia

The food delivery sector is one of the very fast-growing sectors in Ethiopia, which contributes a lot to the global economy. In Ethiopia, the food delivery business model includes all frozen foods, hot baked dishes, local special cuisine, fresh juice, etc. Where the fresh things they used in their food process made it more delicious and made the users more satisfied with their food quality. 

Ethiopia has the largest food production industry in meat, sugar, fruits, and vegetables, etc. The survey says that in Ethiopia there is 48% of the food industry and 36% of their revenue growth. The government of Ethiopia provides maximum effort and support to make a huge opportunity for every sector and new firm. This is one of the main boon points for entrepreneurs. 

Though Ethiopia provides huge opportunities in every sector, the on-demand food delivery business has constant and steady revenue growth. This shows the demands, but still, people from Ethiopia are facing a few challenges in their food delivery system. Here let me list out those challenges.

Challenges in online food delivery business

Though there is a high revenue gain in the food delivery system, it is projected to be increasing gradually 30% every year constantly. But still few of the startups are facing issues, it is not because of the top tires. The challenges that are faced by the startups are due to their improper application.

FAQ: How can I improve my food delivery system? There are many ways you improve your orders and sales. But you have to adapt to the recent trends, you can use social marketing ideas to take your delivery business to the next level.

The major issue is the logistic dilemma, the entrepreneurs should be well aware of their region’s people. It can be done by a good market survey on that particular region, by dividing your region into four parts and taking a survey about your competitors’ place. To know where you can be fit to gain more revenue in your food delivery business.

Ethiopia food delivery service startups are well aware of it, so why do they still suffer in their food delivery business? It is because of their application and the service they are providing to their users. Here are the few challenges that have been faced by the users in food delivery applications.

  • Unpredictable Pricing Model – Though there is a tough competition in the food delivery business. It has also become very tough to adopt the pricing model of each cuisine. Since there are changes in the food price tags due to the market value people get disturbed to the online food delivery system. 
  • Poor Customer loyalty – In all the online business models, people always want customer’s loyalty. But many startup applications are not giving it or some apps don’t have that feature. So when your application doesn’t give proper loyalty to your customers then they are bored with your application. 
  • Fitful Orders – Once your application didn’t give any proper service or poor customer loyalty the users will not place their next order with your application. This is one of the major issues that has been faced by many new firms. When there are no constant orders then there will be a big loss in your business. 
  • In-Accurate tracking of orders – After placing the orders people are expecting the accurate arrival of the delivery. So that they can concentrate on their work, but not every application is developed with real-time tracking. Many new firms are lagged at this stage of their process.
  • Difficult to sustain in the market – Is developing an application for your food delivery business is not the end of the game? Nope, when you didn’t maintain it properly or update it constantly. Your application will be aged and no users will prefer your service anymore.

Since the food delivery system has a bright future for all the young entrepreneurs but still many of them lack a certain stage due to their application. Here I suggest you choose SpotnEats. Keep reading to know why you have to choose us and how our food delivery software overcomes these challenges.

How SpotnEats Overcome those challenges

SpotnEats is a modern software solution for all the on-demand food delivery business. Where you will be benefited from a pre-developed customized application, this will allow you to easily add or remove the features as you wish. Our team will also aid you with after launch service freely for a certain period of time. 

Since we have developed software as a customizable, it is easily able to rectify the issues that are being faced by now in the food delivery business. Here let me tell you how our SpotnEats software features overcome those challenges.

  • Best Customer loyalty – Though there are many simple things that can keep your users happy, it can also make through your application. Hereby using our software, your users will be benefited by batch for each of their orders. Once they keep ordering regularly they will be marked as the priority customer, where they can get better offers than others. This is one of our strategies to make the users repeat their orders with your application constantly.
  • Real-Time tracking system – Your users will be benefited from the real-time tracking system with instant notification. Once they place their order the user will get instant notifications of their orders regularly, so that they are able to track their orders with the accurate timing. These features will also calculate the exact timing of the delivery system.
  • Predictable pricing model – The users will be shown the exact calculations of their orders along with the offers and discounts for the number of orders they have been placed. You are easily able to manage the price tags and offers with just a few taps. Our software will make your work easier and smoother.

These are the features which will overcome the above mentioned challenges. This will also help you to gain steady growth in revenue with your food delivery business application. Here let me tell you the workflow of our working process.

How do we work?

We have a group of experienced developers, the first step is to gather the required information before working on your project. Mainly the core requirements you have listed to us will make our workflow easy while re-developing the application according to your needs.

Once we have done with the gathering of the information, we will be taking an analysis of your requirements. This step will help us to give you the best solution with the latest trends because our main aim is to satisfy your needs with the best solution.

When the analysis part is over, the next step is to develop your application in beta version. We will be testing your application after the development as per your needs and the  feedback from the users. When the above process finishes, it will be delivered to you at the exact time as we promised. 

Okay, up to now you might get information about the demands and challenges in the food delivery system and how our software overcomes it. You might have a doubt now, Which type of business will SpotnEats software will suit? Keep reading to know whether your business model will suit our software application.

SpotnEats Software flexibility

As I mentioned before our software is fully flexible so that it can be customized as per your needs. Since our software is scalable it can be easily suited for all the business models.

  • Single-vendor – To enhance your frame in the market or to take your business to the next level to get more orders, you can make it by choosing our software. Where your users can check your menu and they can place their orders from your restaurant. 
  • Multi-vendor – This is an accomplished business model, where you can connect all other restaurants with your application to list their menus in your application. So that they can get their orders online to earn more revenue. Here you will be benefited by commission fees for each order.
  • Small or large entrepreneur – Every entrepreneur has an elite set of needs to spring their business. Our customized solution for you to startup or to enterprise your restaurant to gain more profits with constant orders. 

By now you may get to know how our software fits all your requirements. Whether you are able to earn by orders that have been placed by your users? Nope. Here let me tell you the possible source of income. 

The possible source of income

There are many ways to earn your income through your food delivery app, not just by the commission for each delivery. Since the marginal cost of the foods is a concern, you can earn through advertising. Here are some ways you can gain extra-income with your application.

  1. Online Advertising – You can earn extra money through advertising of the other websites in your app. They will be paying for advertising their products in your application.
  2. Offline Advertising – By posting your orders with your app logo in the popular areas or by providing vouchers for your application. When people keep seeing your products logo or your offers constantly they will be preferring your service as first. So that you can wrap your orders through linking it with more restaurants.
  3. Tactic partnership – You can also invite a small restaurant or a kitchen to join their hands with your app and earn extra amounts as a commission.

So, these are some of the ways you can boost your profit by using your app.

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Final say

The food delivery business is rapidly expanding its market growth, with new offers and discounts. This all can be only done with a perfect application which suits all your needs and fulfil your users expectations.

One such solution is available with us. Still why are you waiting for? Fill the below form we will be back to you soon. or tap a message to [email protected].

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