Simple & Fastest JustEat Clone App Development for Online Food Delivery Business

JustEat Clone App is the customer-centric food delivery platform straightaway used to start and supervise online food delivery business. SpotnEats JustEat clone script provides feature-rich applications for the customers, restaurant owners to bring comforts in food ordering.

SpotnEats JustEats Clone App Script
JustEats clone app

Why Is Our JustEat Clone Script the Most-Needed Platform for Food Delivery Business?

The online food delivery business is continually growing with the arrival of app platforms. On the basis of the customer behavioral shifts in food ordering, the on-demand app platforms inherit the special characteristics to fulfill the wide range of customer needs. One such promising platform is available now is the JustEat clone app that includes an impressive feature set to provide a convenient experience to the customers. Our advanced JustEat clone script is generally a pre-built version, 100% customizable solution to make the entire food delivery business a profitable one in the market. The impressive features included in our JustEat clone script are listed as follows:

  • Attractive App Interfaces

  • Seamless Food Orders Handling

  • Easy-to-Access Dashboard Arrangement

  • Instant App-Deployment

  • Secure Environment for Multiple Payments

  • White-Label Solution

  • Easily Adaptive to Food Delivery Industry Needs

  • Easy Branding Solution

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How Our JustEat Clone Script Works?

For the restaurant owners or the vendor of the multiple restaurants, managing their workflows, and providing high-quality food delivery services to the customers are the top activities in the food delivery industry. An optimal workflow between all the stakeholders brings the revolutions in such activities. Our JustEat clone script brings such optimality in the workflow and acts as the perfect balanced interface among all the participants in the food delivery business. The aggregation of all the restaurants available in the targeted region, complete management of all of them provide uniqueness in food ordering and delivery. The features included in our JustEat clone script are advanced things that increase customer participation and revenue value highly.

Initially, the customers find the food stores or restaurants available in the surrounding region. Then, the restaurants that fit into customer limits are selected. After the selection process is over, the customers directly browse the menu and select the food based on their interests. If the customers placed the orders via the app, then the restaurant gets notified by the notification option that makes them check if the ordered food is available in stores or not. Based on availability, the restaurant owners either confirm or reject the food orders. After the food package is over, then they send alerts to the delivery drivers to pick up and deliver the food to the respective customer’s doorstep. Finally, the delivery drivers can easily carry the food package and complete the delivery within the specified time limit through the advanced location navigation options in JustEat clone script.

How Does Our Justeat Clone App Works?

Justeat Clone App Workflow

What are all Unique Metrics of JustEat Clone Script?

  • Assure the Stakeholders Retention With the Value Metrics
  • Build up of ide range audience base via socially is possible
  • Prove the loyalty via custom models
  • Secure payment platform irrespective of country limits
  • Simple workflows and completely manageable remotely
  • Custom models for each stakeholder
  • Cross-platform feasibilities
  • Bring innovations via real-time metrics
  • Seamless Management Interfaces for Single/Multiple Restaurant Chains

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What are all Key-Features included in Our JustEat Clone App Package?

Simple Registration/Login

Customers have a wide range of options like email, social media profile to register themselves directly and log in to the platform easily.

Location-based Restaurant Search

By specifying the current location information, the searching of the restaurants available in the market is the easy one

Impressive Food Analysis

Check the food items with detailed information in the selected restaurants.

Order Placement

After a complete analysis of the food items in the show panel, customers placed the food orders based on favorites.

GPS-Enabled Real-Time Tracking

After order placement, the customers track the delivery driver status instant by instant for further plans.

Push notifications

Customers have instant updates on ordering to the direct doorstep delivery via push notifications.

Flexible Payment Gateway

With the inclusion of various options like cashless/cash, third-party payment apps, the customers have the capability to pay the amount for each order.

Order History

The recording of each order allows the customers to feel free to access this history and place the order immediately.

Smart Identity validation

Prior to getting the orders for delivery, the validation of each of the delivery drivers is the necessary thing. The digital way of uploading the license and the experience details is the feasible option for easy identity validation.

Orders Status Updates

The number of orders currently taken or ready for pickup is visible in this option. This supports creating priority plans for the delivery process.

Custom Delivery Zones

Have a deep analysis of the menu and the food available and show the ready-to-carry information to the delivery drivers on the basis of specific zones.

Restaurant Instant Updates

After food preparation and packages are completed, the delivery drivers received the instant notification for pickup of the food orders.

Customer Live Updates

After carrying the food from the restaurant, the delivery drivers utilize this option to send the trip update details to the customers instant by instant.

Real Map Navigation Options

With this option, the delivery drivers have the knowledge of minimum distance for restaurants and customers to complete the order in minimum time.

Complete Delivery Order Management

The controllable backend in the delivery driver interface makes them carry the food orders on a priority basis This option also acts as the user during the event-based food order delivery

Delivery Order History

The completed delivery orders can be fruitfully recorded and the respective commission also deducted from their account easily.

Custom Profile Creation

With this option, the restaurant owners can set the logo, brand name, and the necessary details to ensure visibility in the market.

Menu Building via Multi-Items Aggregation

This option allows the restaurant owners to build the food menu with a detailed list of ingredients, prices, etc. This also supports them to add more items without any hurdles as per customer requests.

Multi-Store Management

For the vendor of all the restaurants in the market, this option allows them to access the branch dashboard quickly and analyze the number of orders handled easily.

Table Booking Options

Allows the restaurant owners to receive the specific details from the customers regarding the table booking process and make the table free upon the specified time.

Web-based Order Analysis

This is the balancing option for the restaurant owners to receive the orders from the web portal, check whether the package includes the necessary items as per requests.

Notify to Pickup

After the food package is ready, this option allows the restaurant owners to send the notification to the delivery drivers for pickup.

Reporting Analytics

The report preparation regarding the food orders completed, payments received and the commission earned assures the digital accuracy.

Automated Food Inventory

For every consumer order placement, the checking of food exists or ready for pickup is enabled in this option.

Activity Monitoring Dashboards

Real effectiveness lies in the group of restaurants aggregated under the common window. The dedicated activity monitoring dashboards enable the admin to take control of all the activities in a seamless way.

AAdd/remove restaurants

After the specification of the customer’s details is finished, the admin web panel holds this option to add or revolve the restaurants as per locational specifications.

Seamless Restaurants Management

Allows the admin to control all the restaurant activities right from the new order reception till the completion.

Effective Fleet Management

Admin has the rights and the necessary feature set to completely track the delivery drivers during the order collection and delivery.

Delivery Players Management

The admin has the full authorization to access the delivery driver dashboard and analyze the number of orders taken, completed, pending states easily.

Commission Updates

For every food order completion, the commission is deducted for the restaurant owners and the delivery drivers from the customer payments.

Review Analysis

The admin analyses the reviews or experience hosting directly. From the detailed analysis of reviews, the admin can directly assign the high-ranked restaurants and the delivery executives at the top of the searches for better earning.

Smart Payment Reception

With the integration of various third party payments within the app-based structure, you can get the necessary amount directly.

What are all Add-on Features ? (customer Requisition)

Impressive Analytics Dashboards
Customer Retention Options like promo offers, discount, and offers
Special menu categorization like food-specific options
Real-time supporting metrics

What are all Unique Features to make our JustEat Clone Script Stand Out?

  • Specific- Search Options

    Customers used these to order the food specifically. The metrics like restaurant name, address, and pin code specified directly on the website prior to order placement. The GPS tracking options in our JustEat Clone script initially provide the information on the current customer location and show the list of the restaurants in that region easily.

  • Unlimited Menus Building Options

    With our superior JustEat clone script, the restaurant owners can prepare the details of the food and the special categories of the same. Food showcase can be split up into multiple categories, and add the ingredients information for each food to make the ordering as easier than before with our JustEat clone app.

  • Support for Linguistic and Currency Handling

    The franchise making across the region is a beneficial thing for the restaurant owners. The specific option included in our JustEat clone script makes the restaurant owners launch their franchise irrespective of language and the currency limitations.

  • Social-Experience Sharing

    By allowing the stakeholders and customers to login via social media, the connection between them gets closer than earlier. The experience sharing also brings more new customers to the business models.

  • Dine-In/ Advanced Table Booking Options

    With this option, the customers can easily send the dine-in for table reservations by directly specifying the date and time. These requests can be initiated from anywhere and anytime.

  • Invoice/Referral-based Commission Management

    The total amount received from the customer is split up by restaurant payments and the commission charges for the website owners. The special invoice management system allows you to set your own currency and check for any referral-based earnings from the customer side.

  • Coupon Option

    Attention gathering options like coupon inclusion surely increase customer participation and drive revenue highly.

  • Event-Based Scheduling

    For party planners, they are in need to schedule food delivery. Our JustEat clone script has the dedicated option to order the food on the event location directly.

JustEats Clone App Script

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What do We offer in JustEat Clone App?

  • Food delivery app Customer Applications in iOS and Android
  • Both Android & iOS versions Mobile Responsive Website
  •  Web/browser admin panel Automated Order/Kitchen panels
  • App interface for users Admin Application in Android & iOS
  • App interface for restaurant owners and managers Restaurant Owners Dashboards
  • App interface for delivery partners and vehicle owners Delivery partners/ vehicle Owners Apps

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How Our JustEat Clone App Development Workflow Will be?

Uniqueness in food delivery service assures the restaurant owners to stand different in the market. As per the growth in the various learning technological platforms, the upgrade of the food delivery business workflow with the help of the best JustEat clone app is the booming one. This makes many of the professionals contact us for the effective JustEat clone app development. The workflow for us is highly synchronized with one another. The sequential activities performed in our JustEat clone app development are preplanning the business model, identify the top or MVP features to support the smooth run flow of the business, team allotment for the development process, testing, and launching the application in the app store effectively. The following are the additional gain metrics when you partnered with us for JustEats clone app.

  • Consistency in engagement among user, business client, and the developers
  • Unique App prototype design
  • In-depth requirement analysis
  • Smooth app development with the iterative workflow
  • Full-fledged quality analysis
  • Bug-free, 100% customizable solution
  • Instant updates as per the feedback collection
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the JustEat Clone App be scalable for high-dimensional users?

Yes. All our products can be scaled in both a vertical and horizontal manner. Our products support large dimensional users say 100s or 1000s with a solid infrastructure with the synchronized features.

Can I use My Logo or Brand Name in JustEat Clone?

Definitely Yes. The dedicated web interfaces with the mobile responsive capability allow you to set your own logo or brand name in the web portal directly.

Are you fit for customized plans?

Yes. After the launching of a food ordering app into the market, the specific metrics to be required as per the customer’s expectations that highly demand the customization. We surely offer the custom features as per the needs.

Is your JustEat Clone script fit for multi-management?

Of course! The real satisfaction lies in how the multiple restaurant owners are managed wisely and handle the food orders in an effortless manner. The dedicated options included in the Justeat clone script open up the space for multi-order management.

Can I Use the JustEat clone app for Pickup and Delivery of food items?

Yes. We include the delivery and collection options for the food items and hence the entire delivery process will be easy.

Is there any possibility to access the white-label package and set your own brand on it from your JustEat clone app?

Yes, the Possibilities are there. The provision of a complete white label package allows you to set your own brand preferences freely.