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Today, the world was fast moving towards digitization and this brought a huge impact on the technology innovation in business. Every on-demand industry has been trying to bring a revolutionary change in their business. Luckily, the food industry is one of the high revenue gained industries with the help of the right on-demand delivery app.

In this blog, you will be attaining a good knowledge about the worth of food delivery app script in brazil and shows the chances for new firms.

An Increasing Need For Food Delivery Software In Brazil

Today, ordering the food from home through an application-based solution has become a trend. This trend gives 100% comfort to the consumers and lets the suppliers earn their profit without any issues in the lack of visitors. When we speak about the food delivery app, Brazil is one of the high revenue gained countries. 

  • According to the market survey in Brazil, the revenue of online food delivery was expected to reach US$3,300m by the end of 2020.
  • The market survey on the brazil food delivery app is projected to show a growth of 9.5% CAGR between the year 2020 to 2024 with the market volume of US$4,742m.

The demand for the food delivery app in brazil was high due to numerous potential consumers. These consumers of the food delivery app in brazil can easily place their order with just a tap on the respective application interfaces. The increasing demand brings chances for the new firms in brazil. 

If you’re interested in starting a food delivery app-based business, then Brazil will be the right choice to gain high revenue. Before starting your own food delivery app script in brazil, you must be aware of the big tires in Brazil. This market analysis will help you to withstand the market strongly. 

To reduce your effort, I have listed out the top four food delivery apps in brazil. 

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High revenue gained popular Food Delivery Apps in brazil in 2020


iFood was founded in 2011 and it has started to deliver the foods from restaurants to the right consumer’s doorstep. Later, it has widespread its service in Brazil by adding grocery and supermarket products in their service. iFood nearly accompanies 80% of the delivery market share in Brazil. 

  • iFood earns revenue like that of the other food delivery apps in Brazil by charging 10-24% of fees from respective restaurants on each order.
  • A small fee from consumers as a delivery charge.
  • To get the visibility the restaurant owners have to pay a certain fare to promote their service in iFood.


Now, UberEats has spread its service all over the world to 71 cities across 24 countries to fulfill their consumers’ demands instantly. According to the UberEats survey, nearly 5.3 million users are active monthly. This shows the demand for the UberEats service in the market.  

  • UberEats charge the delivery fare from the respective consumers and at peak hours the delivery fare will vary. 
  • UberEats revenue sharing from restaurants may vary from 15%-40% according to the market. 
  • UberEats also charges the marketing fees from the restaurants to up list the respective service provider’s service.


McDelivery was successfully launched in Brazil at the time of June 2018. McDelivery is a McDonald’s service that delivers the ordered foods to the respective consumer’s doorstep at an affordable price. McDelivery was the third popular food delivery app in brazil according to the market survey of the brazil food industry. 

  • It has emerged as the most demanded fast-food delivery app with a value of 126.04 billion U.S. dollars.
  • Royalties and fees paid by the franchisees.


Rappi is also one of the popular food delivery apps in brazil. Rappi earned the popularity with the help of its streamlined delivery service and the annual revenue gained by the Rappi was nearly $220 million. Rappi provides the best flexible service to its users according to their needs. 

  • Rappi earns the revenue through the commission on each booking that takes place on their online platform.
  • Rappi also charges money for the advertisement from the respective service providers who are looking for service promotion. 

These are the four most populated food delivery apps in Brazil if you’re looking to start a food delivery app business in brazil. Then, you must know about these application services and improve your food delivery app service. We, SpotnEats provide one such application solution that helps you to improve your service quickly and effectively. 

Get branded with SpotnEats brazil food delivery app

SpotnEats is the top-rated food delivery app development company. We will help you with the well-developed food delivery app solution according to your service flexibility. Our team experts will guide you with the current trends in the food delivery app solution according to the market analysis. Therefore, your service won’t get outdated in the market.

How do we work? Our team has years of experience in developing a unique food delivery app solution with enriched interfaces. This helps you to gain the attention of the users easily and you can gain your business goals quickly. Our aim is to satisfy our clients with the latest innovation and delivering the solution before the promised date.

SpotnEats possible source of income 

In SpotnEats, we provide all sources of income schemes to our clients, therefore they are able to gain worthy profits in their business. I have listed down below the revenue schemes that you can expect in the SpotnEats food delivery app solution. 

  • Each order commission – Our brazil food delivery app solution has the commission-based revenue scheme, which helps you to gain a certain percentage of commission fare on each booking from your app solution.
  • In-app advertisement – Most of the service providers are in need of a promotion to improve their service visibility. By charging them a promotion cost will improve your profit monthly or on a regular basis. 
  • Tip for delivery – If the delivery drivers work too well by delivering the foods on time, then, they will benefit from the tips and this improves your service quality easily.
  • High rated service – To get top of the list on service, the restaurant’s owners can pay a monthly fee to get their service top of the list.

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The market for the food delivery business in brazil is high and there is a huge demand for the new firms. We SpotnEats provide a 100% customizable service as per your business requirements. By taking the right step will improve your service profit, join your hands with us today to triple your business profit.

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