Winning the Grocery Fight: Best Realization Practices for Last-Mile Delivery with SpotnEats

Happiness is not in money but in shopping. Visiting nearby shops, acquiring groceries are changed nowadays with the drastic changes in technology. Virtual market place is the evolving platform that provides a new way of ordering what you want. With the emerging E-grocery business,  consumers are starting to feel comfortable ordering online. Actually, grocery delivery is not easy on the retailer side. 

Reviewing Grocery business reports, business intelligence says that two major areas such as Grocer’s curbside pickup and innovations in the delivery options make them stand in the market. The systematic analysis of challenges across the tasks performed on E-grocery business opens up new platforms on the delivery side. The major grocery delivery innovations observed globally are highlighted for your reference.

  • Creation of Automated customer fulfillment centers to process and package the online orders
  • Crowd-source delivery platform called Spark Delivery where the independent drivers are the participators
  • Making valuable on demand startups yearly to meet the customer expectations

Fine. Now you know the innovations observed in the grocery delivery market using Grocery delivery software Ensuring smooth and satisfactory delivery is a crucial thing in the grocery delivery industry. You must know the latest concept and the challenges faced when you apply the concepts into your model in real-time. Take a quick look at it. 

Why Last-Mile Concept Essential For On Demand Grocery Delivery App Business?

Generally, Last-mile delivery is the symbolic representation for the movement of goods from fulfillment centres to the customers. When it is applied to the grocery delivery stage, research shows that many customers are attracted towards it. This is also termed as ‘the moment that matters’. This is an important point in the customer journey because delighting customers with the moment delivery and locking them as loyal customers have directly contributed to the growth of any startup. 

Today’s delivery models are quite not profitable if the retailers concentrate on part of the cost for the last-mile delivery concept. Meeting the diverse demands by the customers and satisfying the service level expectations influence the profitability of the retailers. Business analysis reports showed that the net profit potentially fall by 26% in the absence of the last-mile delivery concept. Prior to applying this concept to your own startup, you must know the characteristics of customers who frequently order the groceries online. 

  • Need of delivery in weekly days
  • Age group
  • Medium to high income
  • Living locations
  • Delivery subscription plans

Though it is a least efficient leg of the supply chain, giants in the global grocery delivery market have not been able to solve the last-mile  complexities. It involves around 30% of total logistics cost and plenty of issues observed in it. So you have a quick glance about the challenges faced in application of last-mile delivery in your on demand grocery startup. 

Break down challenges

On account of characteristics of the customers, review reports stated that 59% of customers purchase the groceries when they are in on-demand rather than waiting. This makes the fundamental shift from the purchasing behaviour. Besides, the grocery retailers who provide the superior last-mile experience to the customers gain a high competitive edge over their peers. Here, you have a detailed look on the challenges you faced upon implementing. 

Poor Infrastructure: Practically, last-mile loaded with the well known challenges say city traffic in urban areas, longer journeys for remote places, time and costs

B2B Vs B2C Deliveries: Single package per delivery is in B2C side and the high volume package delivery in B2B side. Driving around the urban areas turns to high fuel costs.

Customer Nuances: Incorrect address of customer, difficulty in finding locations,parking availability. 

Finding solutions to the challenges listed above is ultimately your next stage. With the increase of customer expectations, current last-mile delivery concepts provide inconvenience to them and they are a failure. As more brands take part in the grocery delivery market, collaboration of shared delivery logistics is the new boom and it offers plenty of solutions to the retailers.   

Proximities aside by customer:  Simply says that the availability of more distribution centres across the targeted geography increases the proximity to the customers. This also reduces the waiting time and saves the money for fuel.

Feasible Communication: Timely communication with the customer regarding the order placed, status of the driver about when the driver starts and when going to reach that contributes to the assurance of the availability of customer in home in the arrival time. By providing the real time tracking ability to the customers helps the customers to track the record of grocery effectively. 

Optimization Techniques: Feature based route optimization techniques find the solution as  less time and more number of deliveries. To find the solution, these techniques include the following variables: availability, location proximity, work load, traffic condition and weight capacity. 

Solutions that light up with the new ideas. Now, searching for the technology options that support your delivery is the basic need for the development. Let’s have a quick look at it. 

Innovations Driven Last mile delivery 

Last-mile delivery is achieved in the following ways: assigning fulfillment locations like storefront for two-hours delivery and backroom for instant delivery.  Similarly, use of dark stores fulfill the online orders separately. Preferences are in the hands of customers. So that they can easily accommodate the option based on their needs. Besides these types of fulfillment locations, some more technological partners are associated in the grocery delivery session. 

  • Drones:   Retailers partnered with the drone operator to make the feasible delivery to the customers.
  • Automatons: Delivering groceries by autonomous vehicles reduces the overall costs of assigning the employee in 2021. 
  • Self Service Lockers: This allows the customer to select any locker location related with the parcel delivery addresses. They can easily retrieve the parcel with the unique code and this removes the human involvement. 
  • Inside home Customer Away: Your delivery service startup allows the couriers to enter a customer’s home and leave the packages. 

Associating with the above innovations, your new grocery delivery startup surely does the attractive business in this virtual market. Among the various solution providers in the market, SpotnEats is the best choice to adapt all these facilities for the successful product. 

Realization practices with SpotnEats Solution

Growing fulfillment options, retailers face the immense pressure in grocery ordering and delivering. SpotnEats dilute the pressure with the dedicated interface arrangement and provides the solution for new startup. Here, this section enights how SpotnEats product meets the challenges in the realization of last-mile delivery concept in Grocery delivery. 

  • Proximity Balancing: With the dedicated admin panel in this product, organizing of customers, delivery partners and the retail shop owners is easy. Monitoring overall activities performed among them also helps to analyze the customer satisfaction level periodically.
  • Feasible Notifications: Timely notifications to state the status of the order to the customer by this module ensures the availability of customer in order to receive the order. 
  • Tech-driven delivery partners: Startup through the SpotnEats should make you withstand new advancements in technology. This supports the automated delivery partners and processes the customer requests smoothly.  

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Wrapping up

Satisfied customers are the backbone for the profitable startup. You develop your own grocery delivery startup with the enhanced options of last-mile delivery concept makes you gain loyal customers and earn the profit highly in the on-demand industry.  Still waiting. Why. Catch our team on [email protected] and share your ideas. 

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